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New Zukan Get!!

Hi guys, i want to share with you the new zukan i got. I've received this package this week

Finally, i have in my hands the first one of the 3 zukan packages i've bought on this month. Let's open it

It's the GSC2 set. It has some cool figures as Kabutops, Omastar, Forretress

And this is how i display them, it's a bit complicated to display them as they should be (because of they're many bases and pegs that i have to put, and store then after the pictures are taken), but i make the best that i can to show them well

Jynx and Mr. Mime from this set are cool figures, Butterfree on the tree looks awsome too

Forretress and Mantine are nice, but my mantine has his tail turned up :S. Also i can't remove of the peg remoraid and quillfish. If you have them, can you tell me if it can be removed? i've tried anything but trying to avoid damage on the figures (i can't remove with my hands but quillfish spikes hurt my hands :/)

For last, Kabutops and Omastar are really cool ones, they will be added to my fossil collection. Fearow looks nice too, but its beak is a bit twisted

I got blissey and mew too, but i'll sell them because i have already blissey from DP15 and mew from SP3 (the one who comes with a castle)

I'll be updating when i receive the other packages, i can't wait to receive them

Tags: gets, zukan
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