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Small Re-Intro, Small Gets + Wants

Hello everyone! It's been quite some time! I have been rather inactive on the comm for quite awhile now, so I figured that I ought to do a teeny meeny re-intro [I plan to do a full one in the future when my full collection arrives at my current housing] while posting a few gets and wants; I imagine that the comm has gained a good number of new members since I was last here!

☆☆ For those who don't know me, and for those new members as well, Hello! I'm ♔ LucklessPrince ♔!
I am your friendly neighborhood Collector and am generally known for my Sneasel/Weavile collection! ☆☆
If you are interested in seeing my collection, feel free to browse through my collection site!

I regret to inform you however, that the site is very much not up to date! I plan on retaking a good amount of the photos and revamping the website design in the near future!

I previously had to take a brief Hiatus from the comm due to life issues, but now I have returned! I am eager to gain some new merchandise, so let's do this!

First up, a few tiny gets! I apologize for the lack in quality of these photos, they were taken at night XD;
Here is a lot of Mystery Figures I purchased after finding it by accident! I identified the Weavile as a 'mystery disc' figure that I had been after for awhile:
Turns out that these are actually Stamps!

Picture 24Picture 27
Picture 28Picture 35
I like how they are actually differently colored on the bottom! They are dry, so I suppose the ink dried up.
Picture 21
My Poor Weavile Stamp has deterioration! T___T I will be on the search for a second one that is hopefully in better condition..

This is my ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND GORGEOUS Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu Music Jewlery Box! <3333
I had seen a video of one a long time ago, but never really thought much of it. Then a few months ago I suddenly came across one on Y!J while I was in my Pikachu-craze and remembered the video, deciding I NEEDED IT.  And I won it. SO PASTEL. SO CUTE.  I'm afraid that I may need more sleeping Pikas..
One of the reasons I adore Johto era/older merch is due to the Pastel colors the companies often used ;u; <3
This is the Video BTW for those interested. WARNING, it's rather loud.

Here is my Weavie I <3 Gothic Plush! Of course I needed me one of these LOL SO soft and cutie! <3
Here are a few badges from a Pokemon Center Set [Not complete]. I've been after this Weavile badge for quite some time so I'm glad that I was finally able to get it! @__@ A big thanks to technicolorcage for showing me this lot! <3

Annnnd this Pokemon DP Tin is kind of random. I bought the lot for the pogs below, and this is what the seller stored them in.

A lot of Japanese pogs! [I apologize for the glare x__X] You can easily see what I bought this lot for the Sneasel and Weavile Pogs XD These are cardboard or something and came with a bunch of random swingchains and keychains. ._.

A Better Photo of the various Pogs and keychains!

Last but not least is this random book that came with the Pog lot .__. I think it's supposed to be a handguide for "Pokemon Stadium" or something *shrug*.

And now respecitvely, it's time for a few Wants! If you have any questions about anything, I will gladly answer!
I am sure that a few of these I will never obtain, I've been proved wrong a few times O__O
HOLY GRAIL* Weavile Restuden  Stamper!

GRAIL*  Sneasel Hasbro "thinkchip" prototype

GRAIL* Sneasel Cheebee Figure

GRAIL* Weavile Keychain!

Sneasel Jakks Micro Playset Figure!

Sneasel Pokemon Time Tin

[Gold] Sneasel/Weavile DP Coin!
Various Sneasel Flats! Top Priority are the Sneasel Noodle Seal in the top left, and the Sneasel VS Happiny Card! Speaking of the Sneasel VS Happiny Card, I recently saw that a possible member won a lot of Versus Cards on Y!J containing one. I'd be more than interested in purchasing it! ;o;

Various Weavile Flats! Top Priority are the Glittery Weavile "Attack" Amada Sticker, the Weavile Papercraft, and the Weavile 3D Card [next to Bromide Sticker].

And here are various Weavile Non-Flats/Figures! Top Priority are the Weavile Gashapon Machine, Weavile Watch, and Weavile KeshiPoke.

☆☆ To see more of my Sneasel/Weavile wants, please go here! ☆☆

I still need this Mei Clearfile Orz:

Armaldo Keshipoke! I would love to snag one of these for someone! <3 :]

I also am thinking of collecting Honedge after falling in love with it and THEN catching this Shiny:

But the only thing of I know so far is the Clearfile? X'D I'm trying to stay away from Inkay and Espurr but I have a big love for cute Cats and Octopi/Squid ಠ_ಠ
That about wraps up my Post! Next time I will share a Grail get among other things!

Thanks so much for who took the time to read my post! I hope you enjoyed my [miniscule] Gets! I hope to be more frequent on the Comm again ♡^▽^♡

Have a fantastic day/afternoon/night~  ☆☆
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