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Sales/auction reminder, and stamper figure lot

Hello! My Raichu, Dragonite, and Mankey kid figure auctions are ending tonight, in approximately an hour and a half [10 PM EST]. I've also slashed prices on a lot of things in my sales, so take a look or make an offer! :D

Click! <3

And in other news, I'll be receiving the following lots in the next few weeks..

I'm taking reservations for the items in these lots. This does not mean I want to take your money right now - it simply means I'll be contacting you first about the sale of the figure if you express interest in it :3 Expressing interest also doesn't mean you HAVE to buy it when it comes time to sell, so if you want to, you're welcome to ask about something already claimed and be second in line for it. And with that, here are the (small xD; ) lots:

Taken definitely: Jinx x2, Kadabra, Oddish, Pidgeotto.
Taken possibly: Farfetch'd, Sandshrew, Totodile, Spearow.
These would be priced at between $2-4, depending on the figure.

(Back view)
Available: Pikachu, Jigglypuff
These would be $5-6 each.

Thanks so much for reading! :3

Tags: kids, sales
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