Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Large Tomy Group Auction - Please pay now!

Okay, I figured out how much everyone owes me for the large Tomy figure auction.

Everyone is paying the same base amount per figure, since I thought this was the fairest way to do things as a group effort. ^_^ You will notice that this is considerably less than what most of you bid - if you only bid on one of the cheaper figures, you might find it is a few dollars more than you bid. If you have a problem with this please contact me.

Also, I'm not sure where some of you live. ^_^; Please comment here with what country you live in or your US zipcode and do not pay me until I give you your total.

The total amount you are paying includes a small paypal figure (so I won't lose out when I go to pay the seller as middle man), shipping from my house to yours, and and a slight bit extra for packing materials, because I am going to have to buy a box of bubble wrap and larger envelopes for these guys - this is not about me making a profit, here. ^_^;

Please send payments to: the.linea.alba(at) Be sure to put your LJ name/what you are buying in the memo.

rentorar Articuno, Totodile, Squirtle - $33.50 - PAID
badger_ftw Entei - $10.50 - PAID
blodia Moltres - $10.50 - PAID
goku_the_saru - Maril - $10.50 - PAID
scarsofsunlight - Cyndaquil - $10.50
invader_julie - Houndour - $10.50 - PAID
sonicelectronic - Charmander - $11.50 - PAID
doctorsidrat - Raikou - $10.50 - PAID
majime - Eevee - $10.50 - PAID
frugrow - Scizor, Latias, Latios, Bellossom, Bulbasaur - $46 - PAID
ann_chovi - Mewtwo - $10.50 - PAID
maniac_online - Meowth - $10.50 - PAID
killerjaw01 - Pichu - $11.50 - PAID
icy_boquet Suicune - $10.50 - PAID
origamigirl - Skarmory - $10.50

Please comment here before paying with what country/zipcode you live in!

trafficsigns - Slowking, Psyduck - $14.50

Also, as a note, I noticed some people bid after the end time. ^_^; Sorry, if you bid after 10 AM CST of August 30th, your bid was not accepted. Just putting this out there since a few people did this, and so there isn't any confusion.
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