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OOAK Custom Shiny Umbreon Offers

Hi comm!

Up for sale is this gorgeous custom Umbreon, made by YutakaYumi over 4 years ago.


Sales permission granted by Allinia last year.

This is the shiny version and is OOAK - the only other one that exists is the regular yellow ringed Umbreon, who is staying with me. I was going to put her on eBay but I know selling her off on the comm ensures she'll have a great home!

For a plush of her age, she has a few signs of wear - the glue on her eyes and rings is aged and stiff, though it's still holding well. You can see the problems with her eyes in the photos, they've just gone a little transparent. The only other thing is that she is sewn entirely in white thread, and so this is showing through in places like the ears, tail and paws. The stitches are strong and haven't failed in all the time I've had her, it's just something that may bother a few collectors. There are no holes in her, and her velboa is still soft and plush.

It's a tough decision to sell her, but she's not the only prized collection piece we'll be parting with as we're moving soon and need the funds to do so.

Umbreon is HUGE. See the photo of her and Froakiedoll for an idea of size. Her head is stuffed firmly, but her body is beanie and floppy.

I ship from the UK. Shipping to the US with tracking and insurance is $40. Please keep this in mind!


Artist's original post:

Offers start at $120! I will not be accepting trades on her, sorry! Payment plans can be arranged. Offers end in one week or whenever they die down.

ALSO, I pulled this card:

from the Sylveon box when I bought it. I know it's a secret rare but I have no interest in collecting Pokémon cards again, so if anyone is interested I'm offering it for sale for $15 plus shipping! It is totally mint.
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