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Small sales post

Just a small sales post. I am reconstructing my shop ~piece by piece~ otherwise I would post it there. Just trying to get rid of a few small things.

Rare magazine promo Skymin pen.. bubble blower necklace thing - $14
Uh, this did not come with any bubble fluid for whatever reason. But.. here it is!

Rare magazine promo Shaymin fan - picture changes to an alternate Shaymin pose and then to Skymin - $12

Paper Shaymin bracelet (has Skymin on the otherside) - $2 or $1 with any purchase
I *think* this is supposed to be a bracelet somehow, but don't ask me how. ~some assembly required~

Kids - $3.50 each (Swinub is the older edition) Gabite SOLD.
Cranidos chou gett - $2.00
Tiny Abra - $1.50

Large TOMY Eeevee PVC figure - $12. Brand new.

PayPal only. Shipping not included in price.
When you post, please let me know your country. I do not need your zip code or anything.
Please allow me some time to ship. D: It has been proving difficult to get to the post office lately.
Tags: abra, cranidos, eevee, sales, sandshrew, shaymin, skymin, swinub
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