Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Moving To Japan Sales!!

EDIT 2/13/14: New items have been added!! If you would like to combine with a previous order, please just let me know :)


Hello my lovely fellow collectors!!  I will be moving to Japan next month which is *super* exciting, but also means I'll be shutting down my little online store, so it's a bit bittersweet.

I have a TON of stuff that needs to find new homes before then (seriously look at my sales corner) so I've added a bunch of new listings to Poketopia and will be continuing to add more every day until the end of the month!  The last day to order will be February 28th :D

Most of the new stuff I've added lately are in these categories, for your reference:

Prices of basically everything else have been lowered too, as they need to go!  Most things are priced pretty low to begin with (many items even lower than their original shelf price) but I'm particularly open to haggling right now as I really don't want to burden my parents and leave all this stuff at their house for years ^^

Thanks everyone! ♥♥
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