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Huge Post-Japan collection update!~

andyboyh and I just got back from Japan, where we got many new things for our collection! ^-^ I apologise in advance as this post is really image heavy ^^; We got some doubles of a few things, so a sales/trades post will be up later today!

Me outside the Pokemon Center in Tokyo!~

Onto the new things~ First up - Pokemon Center goodies! andy wanted to buy a new DS out in Japan, so he was pelased to find one of the Pikachu in Akiba for a not unreasonable amount more than a DS costs here in the UK ^-^ THe other things in this photo are a Pika DS case and two sets of hard ds covers, some sew-on patches, Buneary contest plush, Pika anniversary plush, Mismagius pokedoll, Movie fan, two little charms and an Eevee strap ^-^

We sort of got addicted to the 7/11 lottery over there ^^; Below are our winnings - the huge GIratina is so fab! (It was a nightmare to get home though ^^;) I really like the Pika keychain and pouch <3

New kids! We didn't pull any clears in the boxes we bought, but the clear shaymin came with a magazine I bought over there (I think it was called Pokemon fan) ^-^

A mixture of things! From left to right, Shaymin movie program and free gifts we got at the cinema, JR stamp rally (which was really fun!) pouches and flannels/sweatbands, Pikachu hand puppet, Skymin inflatable frisbee, Shaymin keychain, 9th movie Capture styler, Poketch, Shaymin notebook, glow in the dark Swinub and Buizel cards (which came with yummy candy!), Pokemon magazine, Pachi purse, Mystery DUngeon dvd (which we got before we left for Japan), and JR pika hat!

Zukan, trading figures and soundrops (it took us ages to get the Shaymin zukan in the machine ^^;)

I was so pleased to find these because I wanted to get them, but they sold out on preorders! The Pikachu movie boxes are both beautiful, and I was surprised to find that a few of the movies had english too :) We're both cel collectors, so the Onix was a must buy when we saw it! Mandarake surprised us with that one ^^

Now onto the promo cards we got while we were out there - first up is Giratina (which we got at the movie), and Regigigas (from a promotion to do with the new card set) ^-^

Croagunk (from the movie program) and ultra cute Pichu (from a Pokemon center exchange program)

Turtwig (from the stamp rally!) and Pachirisu (which came with the same magazine as the clear Shaymin - I wish we could get it here!)

Buneary (and Lopbunny underneath) and Charmander - all from the Pokemon Center ^_^

This is the card set for this year's movie - I love the artwork!

and lastly, Cards we got from booster packs of the new set - I was happy to get Shaymin and Raichu!~

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading, and as a spoiler for a sales post, there'll be some lottery items, some zukan, some cards - English and Japanese, including one or two Lvl Xs... ^-^

(edit: sorry to those who saw the version with the broken LJ-cut - we fixed it as soon as we checked our friends page!)
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