Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

THIS is the definition of a holy grail.

yes. your mods are posting a lot today. just. forgive us. <3


well, i bid on a lot of 77 random items last week, and with happyjolteon's help won it while i was stuck in an airport. lineaalba showed it to me a few days prior and i'd been excited ever since. i bid on it for two things: a diglett plush for my beloved ex-girlfriend smoochiepie aftertheheaven and a mint in box raichu bell plush for myself. in the photo in the auction, everything was very clearly shown. what i didn't notice was the corner of another bell plush box that had been cropped away.

usually when i see a seller with bell plush i ask them if they've ever seen my holy grail, jolteon bell plush, but after almost a dozen times being disappointed (including one time i incredulously found flareon, vaporeon AND eevee but no jolteon), i decided it was silly.

so the box just arrived, and i opened it up hoping everything would been in good condition!

are you god damn kidding me. i stared at the box. i reached out to touch it but was sure i was asleep. i started to spam pkmncollectors chat and took the photo of the box. now i was crying.

it was. not only was it, but it was mint in box.

crying all the way and shaking like a maniac who cries over pokemon toys, i set him where he belongs.

bitches don't know 'bout my holy grail.

and that's all there is to it.
Tags: bell plush, jolteon
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