Justice for all (puckyducky) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Justice for all

Gets and identifying help?

I bought a random lot of old school pokémon stuff. Mostly plush and tomy figures and some random things. I might need some help identifying some of the extra things.

First the plush! I got this lot mainly for the Ivysaur and Raichu. Sadly Raichu is tushtagless, anyone have an idea what he is? Or just play-by-play? Poliwhirl is actually bright purple, it's so weird!

Random Zukan. I'm curious about the starly figure, he didn't fit all that well on the peg, is it supposed to be on it? I know it's not a zukan, but anyone know what it is?

Tomy figures! I'm surprised how pretty some of these are, no wonder a lot of people collect these.

Some random kids.

The Rolly Polly Minum was a real surprise since I collect these. ^^
The magikarp figure makes me laugh somehow. XD

Random extras, is that a digimon figure? lol

And these I am curious about the most!
The front three seem to be the same kind of figure, they're a hard plastic, anyone know?
The Charmeleon, squirtle, psyduck and lickytung are made of a softer plastic, but all seem the same kind of figure. Any ideas?
Frosslass looks like a kid. Is it?
The Marshtomp is super happy and his head and tail fins are removable. He's actually missing one...
Tags: gets, raichu, tomy
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