angelberries (angelberries) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quickie gets post!

I haven't shown off any new goodies in ages! My pokedex charms came in the mail today, so I thought.... why not?

Fire foxies! I really did not want to start a new side collection.... but I'm obsessed with Fennekin, and Braixen. (delphox, I don't care for) Theres so many cute things! I've tried not to buy too many..... but the plushies were a must. And the charms. and cards. Sigh.

I had to alter the pouch to make it longer to fit my galaxy tab in, hence the extra spotty fabric on it. You can see another side side collection here..... With You badges. (darn, why you all so cute?)


OK, we do like to moan the the UK TRU's are rubbish with Pokemon merch, but I did find a couple of awesome bits! This Eeveelution boxset. I didn't even know it existed. And at just £20 (when a single eveelu figure is £7.99 in a pokeball) it was under my arm faster that you could imagine.


They all found a spot on my mini shelf with the other new tomys I've bought recently.


And there was some Jakks plushies for just £2.99!! wat??? I got spring Deerling, and a minccino. I also found a beanie Marill in a charity shop for 50p - I squealed! I knew I was going to find a pokemon that day.


What to get next? I'm dying for the fennekin line zukan. More Sylveons.... I only have a plush! and I MUST get something else Dedenne.....

Thanks for looking!
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