sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Put Together A Want List Finally. c:

If anyone happens to have any of the following for sale for a fair price, please let me know with a picture and the price! I may be interested. Also, i don't mind having items in loved condition without tags. Either is okay with me! C:

-Any Swirlix or Slurpuff items(or info about any coming out that you know of. C: )
-Super DX fuzzy Banpresto Raichu Plush
-Raichu Pokedoll
-Giant Tomy Raichu plush
-Leafeon Pokedoll
-Leafeon attack kid

-Leafeon PitaPoke
-Tomy standing leafeon plush
-Pokecen Espurr plush
-Pokecen Dedenne Plush
-Pokecen Quilladen plush
-Jakks Pachirisu plush
-Jakks Jirachi plush
-Any mareep, flaffy, or ampheros plush
-Any victini plush
-Any piplup plush
-Any totodile plush
-Bidoof Pokedoll

That's about it for now!

Oh oh and my boyfriend got me the new x and y pokedex book for Valentine's Day! It's so awesome! It leaves off right where the walkthrough left off with a continuation of what comes after the E4, and then a dex of all obtainable pokemon in x and y. Incase anyone was wondering about it. C:
Tags: wanted
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