Koko (cosmicxlove) wrote in pkmncollectors,


so after my search here last time for a braixen pokecen plush, I turned to ebay.

it was worth every penny. <3

the seller was absolutely amazing in every way, and even sent me a little freebie of some tea to enjoy while cuddling my braixen. very kind and courteous, and reasonably priced, I'm going back once I get paid again for the fennekin pokedoll. <3

anyhoos, here's tambles the braixen, along with my in team shelf- these are all pokemon I've used or currently use!

photo (10)

photo (11)

plus a friendly little reminder that I have these guys up for offer on my sales post! lowered prices on my few goods up, too. (1/18/14, entirelycliched granted permission to me~)

photo (8)
Tags: braixen, gets, sales
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