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happy valentines!! plusle & minun bank auction reminder (also wants & sales plug~)

happy valentines day to everybody!! I hope everybody gets to eat some good sweets and spend time with their loved ones~

looking for a cute addition to your collection? i've got a plusle and minun bank set up for auction! they're still at their starting bid. don't miss out on this chance to win a lovely pair. auction ends in two days, on Sunday, February 16th at 5PM PST! click on this link or the picture to be transported to the auction! you can also find my regular sales there too - i would be more than happy to combine shipping!

also, I got some good news the other day - I got accepted into my top choice optometry school! - and I'd like to celebrate with some Sylveons hahaha. in particular, I am looking for the sylveon face bus pass (I've missed this in three auctions now, so I really want this!) and the pokemon center mascot plush. i snagged these photos off of google so if they're yours and you'd like me to take them down, let me know!!

i am also looking for the following sylveon items: standing namco kid, sylveon and eevee lotto plush, palm talky figure, cookie can badge, soap figure, pressed pokecen pennies, and movie mini clearfiles (if possible, I'd like to buy these as a set!).

if you have any other sylveons, please feel free to offer! i'm not looking for merch where sylveon is peeking in the corner, but anything with sylveon as the focus!
Tags: auction, minun, plusle, sales, sylveon, wanted
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