Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Little Gets Post

Hello all and happy valentinesday! :D I will only post my last gets. I was really happy to got a vileplume friends plush here in germany(!) for a very cheap prize (only 5€). A very small plush but cute. Love the plastic eyes! Also I got a very cute Raichu plushie from ebay for cheap, but unfortunately its a bootleg...what do you do if you buy from a seller who sells bootlegs to make money with? Is it illegal or not? Can we do anything against those sellers?

Raichu is so cute but bad quality and a littlebit grumpy face (the mouth) :(
Also he have no brown stripes on his back, looks totally unofficial.

..but I love him anyway and here at the window he has his place now! <3 I'm only angry about these sellers who buy the bootlegs from china for cheap and then sell them on ebay and think the people are so stupid and buy them!! (its a german seller!) :/

Vileplume is 100% official, with tushtag. From a pokemoncollector in germany. I found the plush on ebay local advertisements.Those plushes are very hard to find here in this country so I have luck! :D

Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend^^

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