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Hello everyone and happy Valentines day!!

Yesterday I have obtained my package at sunyshore with the newest pokedolls!

Ahh so much blue!!

I was playing pokemon Y shiny hunting, since our workplace got a snow day and gave us a paid day off. Excuse the 3DS XD;;

Two sets of pokedolls. One set is for my friend Sarah. We order together. The blue lobsters are for me <3

Alas my Furfrou charms weren't in here... Does anybody know where I can buy them that aren't pokevault expensive? ;_;

Answered thank you <33

Helioptile!! This has to be my fav of the bunch. She's got that innocent face and those little 'pigtails.' I trained one in my game, and although she wasn't the best and always ended up 10 levels lower then everyone else, I still had a soft spot for her. I named her Alli.

Her back.

Her side. She can stand up fairly well ^^

Fletchling, the adorable baby bird ^^ I was surprised with the detail on this one. For his tail, I was expecting them to use flat felt like they did for his feet.

The tail is stuffed ^^

Inkayyy. The pastel colors work wonderfully with him :3

His back.

Dedenne... tbh I was kinda disappointed with how he was designed. I admit, I love how his tail isn't attached to his body, but it feels kinda flat. He lacks the roundness that the takaratomy and pokecen version had.

Free moving tail.

Yeah and this is where the chubbiness fails ;-; He still is adorable though.

Gogoat! The detail on this guy was just amazing ^^ However his body seems to be made of a different material then the minky. I think the vibrant colors of him make up for that.

So compact ^^

Side by side with the Pokecen Gogoat!

Father and soooooon!

Little goat familyyy!

Now for the blue lobster paiiiirrr. I ADORE these guys. I have one in my X version, and a shiny one named Dinner in my Y version.

I didn't name him that. I swear.


They addeda lot of detail for him, even yellow stripes and spots that I didn't see on his game sprite.

His belly! Lol forked tail.

Now Clawitzer... This plush is simply AMAZING. He has a lot of detail put into him!

However he is rather a delicate plush. ;_;

His claw takes up his whole body.

My fatass hand holding his fatass hand. But seriously look how tiny his body is compared to his claw.

You can see his body is held together by a thread and this small strip of fabric. If you know of someone who's a roughplayer of plush, do not choose this one!

More detail of his claw. I never knew they had those things on the back of em.

The secret clawshake of the 'Super-Massive-Claws-That-They'll-Consume-You' Club.

Now my newest arrivals take over my bed <3

Thanks for reading everyone!!

Wants Time!!

I'm looking for the final 4 pokedolls to complete my collection:

Clefairy, Meowth, Tufty Pichu, and Smoochum.

If you see em for sale or plan to sell them, could you inform me please? <3

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