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Quick Fennekin Update and Wants!

Hey all!
Happy Valentines day to you all <3

Hope you are all having a lovely day. I actually never done anything for valentines day (coz I'm single) because of the horrible weather! :(

Anyway just wanted to show you my updated fennekin collection!

So there is the shelf that everything was on ... as you can see I took all the plushies off and moved them over to my *mini* collection corner.
I didn't like them all bundled together like that so I decided to move everything on my bookcase around and here is the finished result .

The newest things are the 18" tomy plush and the can of juice
and here are my kitties and Team Rocket in their new home :)

Anyway onto my wants

My biggest wants right now are :
Sylveon talky plush, standing kid and pass case!
The talky plush and the pass are the only plush I need to complete all the plush and the movie kid is the one figure that I keep losing out on!
The fennekin hat, snow play plush and the tomy plush keychain!
I need the 2 plush! They are the only 2 fennekin plush that I need to complete the plush collection (so far!)
I just like the hat xD

I also have a link to my normal wants here : http://eilidhm5559.livejournal.com/1134.html
I am only after fennekin/braixen/delphox, furfrou and swirlix/slurpuff items right now!

flareon/sylveon wants here : http://eilidhm5559.livejournal.com/2352.html

Enjoy the rest of your night everyone :)

Tags: braixen, collection update, delphox, eeveelution, fennekin, flareon, sylveon, wanted
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