Kurumi (kurukimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Pikachu Month Goods! *A*

Hi everybody! Sorry if this has already been posted, but I just found out about the new Pikachu goods coming out on March 1st! AND I THINK THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

(I hope I resized these pictures correctly! :C Please tell me if it's still too big, and sorry if they are!)
The source is here
ANYWAYS, AREN'T THEY JUST ADORABLE??!! I can't wait until they come out, I want the April (4) keychain for myself and the June (6) one for my best friend :3 If anybody plans on hosting a GB for this set, please remember me haha :') *fingers crossed very tightly for a GB or if somebody is going to be doing pick ups on these* Also I just saw the announcement for the new pokedolls coming out with the pikachu month goods on March 1, LITLEO AND PANCHAM!! My wallet is going to die in March orz
Thanks for your attention! n_n
Tags: info, pikachu
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