Nicole☆ (nicolarbear) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Collection Update + Additional super amazing get ~!!

Hello all !
Just figured I'd post a small collection update. I've actually gotten a good amount of items since last time but I'm not going to go into every single thing.

As always, thank you to everyone who I've bought from. I've gotten some very interesting things since I started focusing on a specific line :)
I am so excited to show everyone :D !!

Alright, in case you forgot I started collecting abra-line goods since Alakazam is my favorite :)

First I will start with plush gets:

I got the bulbs pokedoll from Sunyshore! Wobbs and Blastoise are from ebay, and Cleffa, mini bulbs, and meloetta are from community members!

Kadabra figure~ He's cute.


ABRA APPLAUSE PLUSH!! I never thought I would own this and made SURE I won this because omg look at it.
Seriously as soon as this popped up I exploded. He arrived safe and now I can't even function! Horray for abra!
Now I have all the abra line plush since only Abra and Alakazam got them (rude!)

~Collection Update~

Okay so here is how the shelf is looking now:

Abra's side with some flats. Still don't have a whole lot of Abra :c

Kadabs. I actually have a decent amount of kadabra. I got my megablox finally !

Alakazam! I really like those in-case figures so I'm glad I finally got one!

Some flatzzz and an unofficial tshirt I waited WAY TOO LONG FOR.

Whole shelf. Still doesn't look like much but more than it was 2 months ago!

Thanks everyone!! Hope you guys had a good Valentine's Day. <3333
Thanks again for anyone who's helped make my dreams come true and as always, if you have any abra-line things (mainly non-flats) let me know!

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