Robert (robertisawesome) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The first, last and only ever reminder for this GA!

Hey guys! ^ 3 ^ Wow! Still more than a day, but less than two days until the bidding ends! I thought the GA reminder would come later! I'm making a reminder now for various reasons. Don't worry! We can't wait to win this huge GA!
It ends on February 16th at 4:00 P.M. PST! The link is
There's tons of figures especially the bigger figures that have no bids at all. :c Maybe a few pages of figures with no bids... We need to get lots of figures lots of good homes because we've barely raised the halfway point. No one even bid for more than a period of 24 hours! We need loads o' bids to see if we can get the lot. If we lose this one, it will be the 2nd time I'd lose on a Cloyster Tomy. :c
Tags: group auction
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