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Hi everyone!

Our totally EPIC HUGE zukan group auction is ending in a little less than eight hours at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time. Please be sure to get your bids in before the deadline because bids made after 9 PM--even at 9:01 PM--won't be counted!


I'm working on getting the current bids up at the moment so you can see what each zukan is going for and it's easier to decide what you want to bid on. I'll update the list again in another three hours or so and then again before and after the auction ends most likely. Just don't completely depend on that list because it's so long it takes forever and a day to update.

Quite a few zukan are going for a mere $1-3 dollars (which is fine!), so if you bid on those you might get lucky and win a rare zukan for CHEAP. :D

If we win the auction for less than the combined current bids on these guys (I consider this very likely considering how many zukan there are), there's a possibility just about everyone will end up paying less than you bid! 8D
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