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First ever gets post! Happy Vday everyone :)

Hi everyone! I got a package that I have been stalking on USPS tracking for a looong time so I thought I would do my first ever gets post. I went on SMJ for the first time with the intention of getting just oneeeee thing but alas I got drawn in by the (seemingly) cheap prices (Darn commission x_x) and got a lot more than I had intended to ^^; sooo here's my long awaited package from SMJ :D

Look at this big box! The biggest I've ever gotten! (of pokemon merch anyway)

I <3 EEVEE LAYING PLUSH. AHHHH shes so cute! She's the reason I made an account on SMJ for the first time. It was all just to get her QwQ

She's so beautiful! I love her so much!

Those paw pads :3


Pika pair keychains! I've been wanting these for a while and I'm glad I was finally able to get a pair ^^ they're so soft and cute I love them!


I <3 Eevee trump card set! I forgot to take a comparison pic but height-wise it's in between the standing keychain I <3 eevee plush and the regular sized sitting ones.


I like the new tag for these guys. And here's a (kinda) close up of their trump cards! (I forgot to take a picture of the back of them oops)


I haven't seen this before (maybe I don't have a Leafeon plush that does this) but the green colored "leaf" looking part of both Leafeon's ears and tail aren't just made from colored felt. It has this kind of smooth texture instead I'm not sure how to describe it. It's the same material on the darker blue diamond part of Glaceon's sideburns.


More plush! I'm not sure what the bigger Piplup is from but his tush tag says tomy. Probably one of many tony Pips. The I <3 marine Piplup is much bigger and cuter than I thought he would be! This miju plush I've been wanting for years but I never went ahead and bought him but he just happened to be grouped together with big pip so I caved and got them both :)
I <3 marine Piplup next to the Piplup pokedoll! So cute omg


Now therse weren't from SMJ but I got them recently. My pokedolls I won in faiarrow auctions! I can't even look at miju's face. He's too cute T_T after getting him my desire to expand my oshawott side collection has increased exponentially. look at the :< face omg


Figures! I got the Pikachu, Eevee, and Oshawott pokedoll figures and Pikachu and Eevee kyun charas :)


They're so cute. I think I'm going to end up collecting kyun chara figures too (oh no bank account)


Sooo adorable :) I need to get an Eevee pokedoll now to match my figure >o<


These are recent gets that I got from the comm. The pikachu kids and dratini kids from oxymoronictonic's kids GA and some Tepig line things from dragonitelove68


And as a bonus here are my Miju pokedoll and pokedoll figures next to each other. Dat face :<

Thanks for looking :)
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