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Peace, my actual last gets post for a while

EDIT: If anyone has any ideas as to how I can somehow seal and protect figures in package while I display on my wall, please let me know! I'm thinking of just cutting up ziploc bags and sealing them or something, I dunno...
After a 6 day wait and what felt like a battle that lasted FOREVER, Electrode and Voltorb in package are now mine. :D I have had at least 5 heart-attacks in the past hour. LOL One including being outbid and my timer said the auction ended, and I refreshed it in denial for what seemed like an eternity and it finally reset and showed that it had extended, so I scrambled to deposit more and try again before the timer ticked... Lost at least a year of my life there. Damn you, Electrode!!! *shakesfist* My pockets hurt... O.O I thought I was done when I got them both out of package about a week ago, but some kind soul on here linked me them, in package, so I scrambled to sell mine so I would have the money. Talk about stressful... Selling the only Electrode you have ever had, after all these years, in hopes of winning another one. Thankfully, it worked out.

Ahh, just want to throw a huge thanks to the community. ^o^ I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Seriously, what would I do without you all? *grouphugs* I'm going to go collapse now.


I'll update my journal in a week or so to show my wall of MIP Tomys for those that have asked repeatedly. xD
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