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Shiny Flygon kid auction reminder, gets, and sales

Hey everybody, just a reminder that my shiny Flygon kid auction ends tomorrow!  There's only one bid! <--- Here's the link!

I also have Umbreon and Espeon dot straps up for sale.  They're 10 dollars each shipped, or you can buy both for 16.00.

I was granted sales permission on January 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.

Also, I got a package from FromJapan today! :D

YAYYY, I LOVE GETTING STUFF. :D  So, basically I just have been building upon my Jirachi collection. <3  It's coming along very nicely!  I also found something super cool!  An AG music book!  AG is my favorite gen, and I play the flute.  The music is written for the piano, but it still works.  Maybe I'll post covers one day!  They even have Chiisaki Mono (aka Make a Wish) from Jirachi Wish Maker. <3

I also obtained a grail this past week!  I'm so excited for it to come.  You guys will all see it when it comes. <3  I've been searching for AGES!
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