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A little project I plan on doing (Plus some gets and some pikapancakes!)

So I'm moving soon! My girlfriend and I are finally getting our own house and we're SO excited. We'll be able to have actual space to display our collections! Since I've been collecting for 5 years, I've accumulated a lot of pokemon things and I'm going to take this time to catalogue and talk about every individual peice! :D it will be done in stages but we move in April so I hope to do a little bit every few days or so until the big day! I hope you guys enjoy following my collection memory lane and babbling!

But before I start the first step of this venture, I do have a few gets to share <333

 photo somegets001_zps5fa57ddc.jpg

These wonderful charms made by Pastelkitty came in the mail today! Soooo happy to have these they are SO SO cute. Thankyou again pastelkitty! I'm so happy to have them in my sylveon collection, I couldn't stop squealing over themm! <3

 photo somegets002_zps2cb3f1ef.jpg

AH! So happy to have this, it's so much bigger (and fluffier!!!) than I thought it would be <333 Snuggling between her big ears is basically the coziest thing ever! <33

 photo moving1001_zpsbadd1be0.jpg

So for christmas I got this SUPER cute pikachu pancake making set from my girlfriend <33 and I finally got my girlfriend the charmander pancake in case figure that she's wanted forever, so we HAD to celebrate <3

 photo moving1002_zpsc56c2619.jpg

What's included in the set for those who were wondering :)

 photo moving1003_zps3e99abaf.jpg

Chef Macaron will whip you up some gourmet pikacakes, Ooh la la!

 photo moving1007_zps45c4fbad.jpg

Ta dah! (Disclaimer : it has actually taken Macaron and myself many many times to perfect these pancakes...the first ones were more like pika blobs xD!)

Okay so I'll start with how my collection looks right now, or well prior to packing up the first bit that I've done!

 photo moving1008_zpsec42bd38.jpg

 photo moving1008_zpsec42bd38.jpg

 photo moving1012_zpsf306d69a.jpg

 photo moving1011_zpsb7cc2cdd.jpg

 photo moving1011_zpsb7cc2cdd.jpg

 photo moving1010_zpsc9cd4201.jpg

It's wonderful and it makes me happy!!! ...but it's safe to saw it's a little uhm...cramped? And considering my girlfriend and I share this space as our living quarters it's very cramped! (Good thing we like eachother xD!)

So time to start packing !

We'll start with my least known collection! My togekiss collection. I love togekiss and I've always wanted to collect the sweetie but I always have other things I want more! So it's not a co,llection that gets a lot of attention. But I love it very much, and I love togekiss even more now that it's part fairy type! My indestructible little fluffy airplane <3

 photo moving1016_zpsa51a70e6.jpg

My togekiss pokedoll! The first and oldest peice in this collection! My favorite plushie for sure and such a sweet little face! He's so soft and the tag art is precious as well! This plushies name is picori after my in game togekiss :) If you're only going to own one togekiss plushie it should be this one! <3

 photo moving1017_zpseba3906c.jpg

My second favorite plushie! Also cute and maybe even fatter! I beleive this is the korroto manmaru series of banpresto? They're always ridiculously chibi and it's great! His name is souffle because he's a little eggy xD! I remember the day I got hime I just couldn't put him down I had to hug him every few minutes he was just too cute for words!! <3

 photo moving1018_zps72590f52.jpg

This guy is pretty new, he came from Yahoo Japan and was little loved when I got him, I cleaned up his brown spots on his footsies and I plan on un piling his fur soon so he can feel sparkly and pretty like he is! He is the tomy, and Is very cute, I can tell his past owner loved him very very much and I'm justh appy to have him as a part of my collection now!

 photo moving1019_zpsa23ca6ae.jpg

The attack kid! I'm not sure what attack he's doing...but he looks cute! I like how he's a little stretched out! Togekiss isn't a super dynamic pokemon so seeing different poses for the figures is nice! :D

 photo moving1020_zps52cbd6cc.jpg

The zukan! I love zukan, I wish I had the zukan where it has the togepi egg! But I love this one as well and it's so cute to see how teeny togepi is compared to togekiss! <333

 photo moving1021_zpsf7efb506.jpg

I think this is a candy figure togekiss! also a farely new peice to the collection and it stands on it's own! I love it SO much just because of that xD!!

 photo moving1022_zps3fdd6c3e.jpg

Not sure what figures this is either jsfhjksd Sorry I fail! xD But he's SO happy to see you, that's all that matters right <3 :)

Now for an even tinier side collection!

Noivern! I love this dragon bat and I have one on my team I do hope he gets showered with merch in the future :)

 photo moving1023_zps4e9888c7.jpg

A noivern tomy! A collection isn't a collection without one of these! :D which is ironic since I don;t have a togekiss tomy *fail again*
But this is a very handsome figure which you can't tell due to my lack of photo skills! But trust me, very handsome! <3

 photo moving1024_zps2f82801b.jpg

Blind packaged figures! I love htis one even if theres no humanly possible way to get him to stand! He will forevr be gloriously sprawled out in my collection of two figures xD!!

...And on to another small collection!

I've accidently fallen in love with gogoat and I can't wait to get the pokedoll and other merch that comes out. This goat is just a beautiful little thing. and I love my lady goat in my Y game, We serf everywhere together 8)

 photo moving1025_zpscf238c9b.jpg

This tomy is really beautiful! I just love gogoats design a lot, I have ever since she was anounced. And her little beard is SO charming! Especially isnce I veiw gogoats as girls now xDD!

 photo moving1026_zps522fd9b7.jpg

Lovely pokecen plushies!I'm so glad gogoat got one :) She's so pretty and her fabric is lovely and she stand on her own. any plushie that can stand on it's own should be praised! There aren't too many of them in the world xD!!

And that wraps it up for tonight! These are my small side collections! In my next post you'll probably see Latias and maybe my snivy collection! :) I hope you enjoy my rambling andl ook forward to my next installment (I'm excited, and a little scared to do my sylveons! But I'll probably save the best for last so xD!)

Thanks guys! <33

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