xeeveex (xeeveex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A HUGE thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to so many great community members here, you have been so wonderful and I've procured so many wonderful items. I also completed my grail - a completed set of the eeveelution pokedolls MWT! I'm having a little difficultly getting photos up, but will try to do so next week as i promised photos to some members of the pokedolls in their new home!

I also wanted to say thank you not just for me, but my fiancee. You've helped me get some wonderful pokedolls for his collection as well, and my Valentines gift was pokemon themed and was awesome. So again, thank you!

Special super thanks to:
-latias_latios_7 - who assisted ordering me a hQ laying UFO eevee plush from ebay, receiving the plush and then shipping to me, you are awesome!
-elisha1288 - whose pikachu plush were part of my Valentines gift to my fiancee!
-ballerbandgeek - whose Mewtwo pokedoll was a gift for my fiancee, was so happy to finally get him one!
-poke_zula - for the white kyurem pokedoll who is sitting with my Reshiram pokedoll <3
-syminka - for Minncino PC plush (love this one, reminds me of my chinchilla)
-havvaiibabe - a HUGE thanks, was able to get a MWT vaporeon pokedoll which was the last one I needed, working on getting the photos for you of Vaporeon with all my other eeveelutions! <3
-tdotakichan - for Gengar (for my fiancee) and clearfile for me
-sorjei - for patchwork Minncino keychain plush
-entirelycliched - for little tales pikachu plush, so adorable (called him Winnie the Chu)
-knoka for selling me an awesome Cyndaquil canvas which arrived just in time for my fiancee! which he loved!

You guys are all so amazing, I'll work on getting an updated collection photo taken soon! :)

Happy weekend!
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