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First comm get + other gets!

Thanks to  nagaineko for making my first comm purchase a great one!

I went to Target the day the new XY cards came out and I found these cool things. Each included two packs of the new XY cards, one of two promo card sets (starters / dragons), and a coin (black and white Reshiram and Zekrom / red Victini). Pretty nice. In one of the packs I got a Venusaur EX!

I was also at Toys R Us last month and picked up some figure two packs!

All of my wants can be found here. Here are few things i'm hoping to get soon.

Takara Tomy Egg plush
Eventually I want to get all of these but i'm looking for Azurill at the moment.

Pikachu patchwork doll
Pikachu patchwork

Piplup mini Pokedoll keychain. I'm also looking for the Eeveelutions like the Umbreon one at the beginning of this post.

Leafeon clip n carry pokeball
Leafeon clip and carry pokeball. I'm also looking for Glaceon.

Thanks for taking a look at my kind of long post! :P
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