[~ Kari XIII ~] (rentorar) wrote in pkmncollectors,
[~ Kari XIII ~]

random things

Starting off - Received packages from:
flag - Thank you so much, and for the freebies! Sora & Squirtle <333
candycafe - Thank you so much as well! Blastoise looks even more awesome close up, and the keychains are wonderful :D
pheonixxfoxx - Thank you so much too! I've been after the Espy friends plush, Sandshrew Zukan and Glaceon Battrio for a while now! <3

I've left you feedback (candycafe, do you have a thread anywhere?), mind doing the same for me here please? :3

And just for fun. Dexter VS Hiei in Guess that Pokemon!

I'm not feeling very witty at the moment sadly XD

BK toys - I managed to get both Pikas, Happiny, Turtwig and Darkrai! Whoever wanted Darkrai - I can still pick one up for you if you'd like! Lmk!

Also, final note - Packages went out Thursday, not Monday as originally planned. I forgot it was a bank holiday last week, sorry! ._.;
Tags: absol, giratina
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