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A (Very) Belated Introduction and a Question

Hello pkmncollectors! I’ve been a member here for a bit longer than a year(and a lurker for even longer), but I’ve only made a post now, oops. I’ve been putting off typing this up because I always felt that I had something or another that I’d be waiting for in the mail that I’d want to include.. but no more slacking! That’s what gets posts are for right? xD;;; Anyway, I’m Elianti (Elia or just Eli is fine), and I’m a 21 year old collector from Guam! I’ve been an avid fan of Pokémon since the very beginning, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. From my experience so far everyone here is really nice and supportive, and I'd love to be a more active member here. c:

My collection is right after the cut~

Up until last year, my collection besides all of the main games looked like this:
By a stroke of luck, I chanced upon a 1:1 Chikorita plushie back when I was volunteering at Salvation Army some years ago. Chikorita being my favorite starter, I kept her hidden away from any of the other customers until I was done with my shift so I could buy her. Amazingly Chikorita was priced at only $5! Sure she was a bit dirty, but with a bit of cleaning she looked pretty great. <3

After I joined, I first focused on collecting MPCs of everyone in my White team:
team white
Starting from the top going clockwise, there’s Pavlova/Swanna, and then Flambé, Castella, Churro, Shigure, Pancake, Jello, and Tapioca~ Yep, I give my Pokémon food nicknames! This is just a teaser though xD

Here’s (most of) Team Dolce, my main team ^^       
team dolce incomplete1
From left to right starting in the top row, there’s Mirtillo, Cupeta, and Struffoli, and then Cannoli, Spumoni, and Torrone, followed by Pistachio, Tartufo, Marsala, and Gnocchi, and finally Confetti, Cassata, Latte, and Bruttiboni.. and there are four others who aren’t here yet (or don’t have a kid figure yet LOL)
Johto is by far my favorite region so most of the team originates from there or Kanto. xD  One of my goals is to collect everyone,  but *only* for merch lines that include every single one of them and generally looks pretty uniform, hence why I collect their kid figures xD It’s not that impressive, but seeing everyone(even though incomplete) all lined up is honestly my favorite part of my collection. I love all of them to bits ;///w///;”” <333;;;

Even so, I couldn’t resist starting mini collections of some of them when the chance appeared. ^^””
struffoli collection1
I’ve loved both Minccino and Cinccino at first sight, but I admit it was slightly difficult to take the plunge and let my little Struffoli evolve. Minccino is just too cute xD;; I decided to sort of compromise and get merch of both of them.

confetti collection1
On the Confetti side, I have an amazingly adorable pillow made by sorjei, a crocheted pouch I got from a friend for Christmas, as well as the Talky plush, Pokémon With You badge, and the Happy Tea Time charms. ^^

The last of my Pokémon collections.. (mostly)  Pokémon Time Cupeta Mawile!
cupeta collection1
Mawile has always been my favorite since she was introduced though I never figured out how to fit her into the battling portion of Team Dolce until Gen VI when she got the glorious boost she needed. It was actually her Pokétime artwork that made me want to start pkmncollecting in the first place because of how adorable it was. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that she would be getting a Pokétime plush(!) and figure(!!), which I've been dreaming about for years. My newest get for this collection is the gigantic and high quality sofubi figure! Seriously the figure itself is pretty big, but the box... is almost unnecessarily so? It definitely made shipping killer that's for sure xD This collection mainly focuses on Pokétime, but I couldn't pass up the chance when I found a mawile settei for sale. Such adorable artwork and it's definitely going to get framed. Another cute part of this collection is my Mawile time bell plush made by flag <3

Moving on to my human collections, I first went with Subway Masters merch!
submas collection
Collectively, these two are my favorite human characters from Gen V. ^^ Growing up in a place with no trains(and bad public transport, heh) whatsoever, I really liked the idea of a Battle Subway, like how cool and impractically dangerous is that?! The Submas doodle on a square paper was by remove_replace and the brown paper drawing was by captainangel. The poster was from a magazine <3

enu collection
A human collection that features Gen V isn’t complete without a bit of N (and a bit of Touko). c:

matsuba collection1
Finally, my last human collection: my Morty-themed collection. <3 I put –themed because there honestly isn’t much merch of him available. At all. It’s really sad. ; n ;”” Morty has been my absolute favorite character of all time since Gen II. But I have to admit.. even though his pajama outfit throughout Gens II-III was cute, his redesign for HGSS was just amazingly fitting for his wonderful ghostie types<3 Some of my favorites here are all of the ACEOs made by ktmonkeyj, porcupine_paws, and kibakazuki, brown paper drawing again by captainangel, his face badge, and the Gameboy Advance Video cartridge which includes the episode For Ho-oh The Bells Toll, which features Morty and is very important to me. There is still one more Morty item that I hope to get, but besides that and possibly one more thing below, I think.. that’s all of the merch available(besides some other things that just feature his official art)? I’d LOVE to be proven wrong! (LOL) Even so, I still want this collection to grow so I’ll probably be looking to commission others in the future ^^

And now one last bonus photo of Pokétime Gengar plushie with my latest get, the Pokétime Mawile figure!
cupeta &amp; gengar1
Friends! They're just the perfect height for each other xD

This post is way too long already but I have a question to anyone who owns this HGSS quiz book:
hgss quiz book
Can anyone with this book confirm that Morty appears in this? If so, I’d be adding it to my wants! ..or better yet if anyone would like to sell me those pages that would be even better LOL;;;

I typed way more than I intended. If you’ve stuck around for all of that, thanks for reading! ^^”” I do have something exciting I am waiting for in the mail, so hopefully I can make a gets post soon~ c:
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