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sylveon group buy! all claimed!

Hello! I found this fun little Sylveon lot, but I am not looking for all of these items. I will be claiming the talking Sylveon and the Sylveon with Eevee plush for $55 and will be covering shipping from the seller to the middleman. Up for grabs are a Tomy sitting plush, Pokemon Center standing plush, Pokemon Center sitting plush, and Eevee and Sylveon clearfile. According to the seller, all plush are MWT. The plushes are $15 each and the clearfile is $5. These prices do not include Paypal fees.

Claims will be first come first serve! If we are able to get claims for all plush, this is a commitment to buy. Payment is required within 24 hours of all the slots being claimed.


-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush and fees (bank transfer, middleman commission, etc). Second payment will be a combination of shipping from the middleman to me and shipping from me to you.

-As for shipping from the middleman to me, I will divide it based on weight. For example, I will be paying much more to ship the talking Sylveon than whoever claims the clearfile.
-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that international shipping is very expensive!
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Any other questions? Ask away!

Talking Sylveon - myntii - paid
Sylveon Tomy - squareofme
Sylveon PokeCen Standing - squareofme
Sylveon PokeCen Sitting - squareofme
Sylveon and Eevee Plush - myntii - paid
Eeveelution Clearfile - princessharumi - paid
Eevee and Sylveon Clearfile - princessharumi - paid

Also, this is unrelated to the group buy, but has anybody noticed a serious delay in shipping via USPS lately? I know there's been a lot of crazy weather going on, but still..
Tags: eevee, group buy, sylveon
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