Evie the Snowy ✿ (eviesnow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Evie the Snowy ✿

Hello everyone! :3 Is my Sylveon plush a bootleg..?

This is my first post into this community so first I'd like to say... Hello everyone! I've been a long-time lurker but I finally decided to create an account here on LJ and join the community. I'm a long-time Pokémon fan and merch collector but my recent aim has been Sylveon merch. I adore the white and pink Eeveelution and aim to get as much merch of her as possible. I live in the UK however where postage costs can get expensive and merch isn't as simple to find! I currently own a custom Sylveon 3DS/phone charm, a sitting Takara Tomy Sylveon plush and one of the small Takara Tomy Sylveon figures. A small start but I hope to get somewhere eventually!

(Old pic! Taken back in December, pretty much all my stuff has moved from where it is in this pic now haha.)

I got this lovely little Sylveon as a Christmas present from my younger sister but I've recently come to realise that she doesn't look quite the same as the other Takara Tomy Sylveons... Her eyes look too far apart, the 'dip' in her ears aren't as clean cut as others, same goes for the tail fluff, and the stitching is pretty badly done when I look properly. The pink down her nose is also aligned badly and goes down too far. I have the terrible feeling my poor girl is actually a bootleg. :/ Of course, though, I still appreciate the gift just as much since this plush actually started my Sylveon obsession, but it does mean that I'll now have to get an official one. I found that the texture of the fabric of this plush isn't that soft either. I love her but she's not that great for cuddles. :/

So can anyone confirm for sure that she is in fact a bootleg plush? I'm 99% sure she is but it would be great to get a second hand opinion. (:

I have my eye on a few more Sylveon items at the moment and I am desperately looking for a good place to get the talking Sylveon plush from, somewhere that isn't going to cost me a fortune to get delivered to the UK! Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you all! <3
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