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MIP Tomy Voltorb auction and update :U

hello friends i am still alive! i haven't been around much lately after losing the collecting bug but i do still buy things every now and then. i think i'm mostly done with my nidoking collection but i'm missing one or two things i wouldn't mind having...

anyway first up i have an auction for you! this is the second voltorb tomy i have owned MIP. the first one i sold was lost in the mail and never returned, so if you decide to bid i recommend thinking about tracking if you live outside of north america. this one is unfortunately in less than stellar condition, with cracked plastic that has been a little smooshed. the figure inside is still minty fresh though. i would keep it but i recently sold my entire MIP tomy collection...RIP in peace

quick rules:
i ship from canada
shipping is $7 with no tracking, most likely $10-$15 with tracking
community rules apply (no sniping, etc)
payment will be due within 24 hours of me contacting you about winning or it will go to the next bidder

the auction will end on thursday the 20th at 2pm PST (vancouver time) countdown link

starts at $10!

additionally i have some pictures of my collection and things i've acquired last year and this year. i think i have the largest nido collection but i'm not sure since i haven't been around much. :U do you guys have cool nido things i don't have???? i know i need the hasbro nidorino and that bootleg nidorino plush that looks silly...

i caught the rotom bug when the promo hit and had to get some things. too adorable :U
froakie and the pandas are some of my favorite new gen mons, and pokemon time mawile is probably the best purchase i've made in a few years, right up there with giant pokemon time wailord and pokedoll wailord. it's seriously amazing and everyone should have one. you can also kinda see pony me (by fireflytwinkletoes on DA) and spike. :3

some random plush including giant tepig in a froakie hat. mewtwo was a gift from my bro batpig

i guess the most expensive travel buddies you'll ever see... these guys come with me most places since i travel a lot for pokemon VGC now. i de-tagged them myself (gasp). wailord makes a great pillow on planes and in cars.

some of my piggies


poor cryogonal... i have the mpc somewhere too. my thrid fave after nidoking and emboar. ;-;

guess i should get the other one at some point! i was at worlds 2012 and 2013 and picked upa ll the merch except the 2013 DS pouch.

binders etc

random cuties

nidoking wall #1. production art downt he bottom next to my recently arrived neopets grail! staff edition shoyru, #60 of 250. just need the other two... i kinda shifted more towards neopets collecting lol

the nidokingdom and nido wall #2. happy green beast boy nidoran at the top made as a gift by ambertdd

even a burger king bag

a bag from worlds. it was my home city, i definitely needed to try and get everything!

adorable :3

aaaand a bag containing a few hundred nidoking flats that have nowhere to go. one day i'll frame them probably, but for now i have no space.

aaaaand i think i'm gonna end up collection mega mawile... we shall see!

almost forgot to mention, my next addition to my nidoking collection is... a tattoo! i'm booked in for this month on the 27th, just waiting for my custom art to be done. do you guys have pokemon tattoos? am i crazy?
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