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Display concerns and wants

I'm concerned with leaving my MIP Tomy's on the wall in the open air. Does anyone know if artificial lighting ruins the carding? Seems like a silly question to me, but I wondered if anyone experienced paint fading due to just displaying them in their room. I do not have ANY sunlight hitting them of course.

Also, my major reason for posting, I'm very curious about possibly laminating them? Is that even possible? Anyone have any ideas as to how I can seal them and protect the cardboard backing and still display them on my wall? I do not have ANY sunlight hitting them of course.

Also, wants!

- Looking for Persian/Ninetales, Rapidash/Ponyta, and Pidgeotto/Marowak, Staryu/Starmie. I'm not looking for Hasbro, but the Japanese ones where they were both in the same package. If anyone has even a picture of the Ponyta/Rapidash Japanese Tomy that'd be wonderful. I'd consider buying any of these in the M series packaging (Black) however (except Staryu/Starmie). I have these all out of package, but I'm one picky SOB. xD

- Battle Pose Tomy figures of Venusaur/Blastoise/Charizard. I'd prefer in package, but I'd take them out as well. Had a battle royale last night trying to win the Venusaur pictured, but it went for way too much and I had to let it go. :(

- MIP Tomys of Cloyster, Shellder, Haunter, Exeggutor, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Bellsprout, Pinsir, Magikarp, Ditto (would love to buy the Ditto/Dittochu/Gastly/Haunter/Rhydon/Rhyhorn 6 set again!), White-bellied Rai-Rai!

images (2)

Thanks! Have a great night! ^o^
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