Espurrs-Place (fuzzytorchic) wrote in pkmncollectors,

US gen 6 pokedolls!+future collection post

So since I live in the lovely state of Washington, we get the first grabs (sorta first) on pokedolls!
I don't live too close to Seattle but my friend went there this weekend and saw the new pokedolls and pokecenter exclusive plushes. She picked me up a Chespin and fennekin pokedoll, but I dont get fennekin till march 11th (my bday) chespin 2
But wait did you see how they now attach the tags? They now are made of like twine and are just tied around the pokedolls so you can easily remove and attach the tag with out permanently ruining its value.
I hope soon to post a complete collection post, so look forward to that!
Tags: chespin, pokedolls
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