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New Banpresto Amusement prize campaign and additional life size Wobbuffet plush campaign details!

Hope this isn't a repost, I checked the recent posts and mod posts and haven't seen any info on it, so I decided to translate the campaign (phew...) and explain the details for those interested!
Hope this is found to be helpful, and not breaking any particular rules…('-`;)a

Pokemon XY "WE ARE Team Rocket"  Amusement prize exclusive campaign!
From the start of February, Banpresto will be hosting Amusement prize campaign in arcades nationwide, featuring the 'evil' (:o) Team Rocket.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Team Rocket Meowth air-balloon cushion, one type.
Expected release period:Sequentially released from Feb. 6th
Team Rockets air balloon ft. Meowth.
About 34cm tall.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Super DX plush
~Wobbuffet・Inkay~(all two)
Expected release date:Sequentially starts from Feb. 20th
Popular Wobbuffet and newly introduced in the TV anime series, Inkay, will make an appearance in plush form. About 24cm tall.
▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Super DX plush
~Meowth・Pumpkaboo~(Two kinds in total)
Expected release date:First 10 days of March.
Meowth and newly introduced in the TV anime series, Pumpkaboo, will make an appearance in plush form.
About 22cm tall.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Figure key holder(6 kinds in total)
Expected release date:Start of March
Team Rocket Jessie and James, Meowth, and others appear in figure key holder form. About 7cm in length.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket' Hooded Towel(Two kinds total)
Expected release date:Mid-March
One can dress as Meowth and Wobbuffet in these hooded towels which will be released. About 120cm wide.

Original article in Japanese here, with additional pictures (back views)

■"Team Rocket new team members recruiting campaign" Overview
I saw this poster recently at a game center and decided to look it up. Before making this post I found a post regarding the elusiveness of the poster, so I've translated and explained the campaign below as well as a link to the original website and basic information/prizes included in it!

Photo 2014-02-15 19 45 59

To kick off the new Team Rocket prize campaign, Amusement prize centers are hosting a special 'Team Rocket new member recruitment campaign'.

【1】Head on over to participating stores to receive a Team Rocket members card.
Just go to the campaign target store, and you can get a free "Team Rocket team members card".
Distribution period:Jan. 30th (Thr.) ~until stock sold out.
Distribution method:Varies per store, so confirm with the staff.
※Limited availability for members cards. Stock lasts until sold out.
※Delivery method and distribution date depend on participating stores. Check with the staff for details.

【2】DM Instructions from Mr. Sasaki himself.
Team Rocket members will receive DM commands from Mr. Sasaki.
Period:Feb. 6th (Thr) ~ March 30th (Sun.)
Distribution method:Register on Torunabi campaign page.
Team rocket boss Mr. Sasaki will send direct DM commands.
You can apply from the campaign posters that are posted on the participating stores.
※Banpurenabi membership (free) is required.
※One per person.
※There is a possibility of slight extensions based on stores.

➭ The best one :D
【3】Super! HUGE Wobbuffet plush present
Read the code on the campaign poster (participating stores only) via cell phone, after receiving an email link to a quiz, answer the questions to be entered in a raffle where 30 people will receive an 80 cm tall 'Super! HUGE Wobbuffet plush'.
Period:Feb. 6th (Thr) ~ March 30th (Sun)
How to apply:Read the code on campaign posters via cell phone (posted in participating stores only) and take the quiz.
※Banpurenabi membership (free) required.
※One quiz per person.

Official campaign website

So what do you think of the additional campaign? I sort of think the Team Rocket members cards are cute xD
And obviously that AMAZING HUGE PLUSH! (^w^人)

What are your favorite upcoming prizes?
I'm personally looking forward to that Pumpkaboo plush/keychain! ✰ ('3`)
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