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Katsnowcon and other gets

This weekend, I was able to go to Katsucon and it was so fun! The weather was a bit ridiculous, of course. Is anyone else sick of snow? I know I am! The dealers' room was full of bootlegs, but there were lots of official goods too. One table especially had an amazing selection! Most of my con swag came from there lol. Pics under the cut!

Before I show what I got at Katsucon, I do have some pre-con gets. :D

I bought these cuties from polahbear. I've wanted a vanillite pokedoll for ages but never bought one until now. Turtwig was just too cute to resist! Thanks, polahbear!

On to the Katsucon poke-palooza!

The first thing I bought was this adorable laying eevee! She's so soft and cuddly, and I love the pose. She'll be my HQ 'vee's little sister.

All of these cuties came from the same table. It was in one corner across from the exit, down from the kimono booth for those that went also. They had all the pokecen eeveelutions for $15 each, among other things. Anyway, I love the litwick line and my in-game shiny chandelure is awesome, so I wanted a plush of litwick and chandelure. Same with lapras, I love my in-game lapras! And lapras has always been one of my favorite water types. And of course, as a bug-catcher, I had to get a genesect. He's so cute and his dangly legs are so funny.

Pokedolls, from the same table. My boyfriend got them for me for Valentine's Day :D Genesect has a really heavy head, poor thing xD But he's so fun to pose for pictures. I've wanted a cyndaquil pokedoll for awhile, she's so small and round!

As if I wasn't already thrilled with my new pokemon goods, I come home to a Sunyshore package! And in it was...

Tyrunt! He looks so pleased with himself, it reminds me of a picture I saw on tumblr where tyrunt is excited about being able to touch his toes. I like how he can sit on his own or stand up with help from his tag. Cute dino babies are best fossils.

Thanks for looking! 
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