w65011 (w65011) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lightning Wolf wants

Hello guys!! I haven't posted here in a while but I recently got some money that I want to spend on some Manectric items! My "collection" is limited to two figures and a bootie plush so I am hoping to increase it!

I am looking for the following items. I guess you can shoot me a price for them?

- Manectric Chess Piece: I've missed out on this too many times, and it's an awesome figure ;.;
- Manectric Zukan Piece: I don't need the base nor Electrike, but this one looks a little expensive. I got this one! Thanks white_chocobo!
- Manectric Pokedex Figure: The one with the footprint I think?
- Manectric Clipping Figure
- Manectric Metal Figures: Last time I saw them, they went for $6 each... I have no idea how long ago that was.
- Manectric "Data Carrier" Figure: I've heard about it, but I haven't seen any pictures of it nor do I know anything else.
- AND FINALLY... MANECTRIC HASBRO FIGURE: This is my "grail" so to speak. This is also my favorite Manectric figure. I don't care if it comes with the launcher thing or not, I want it!

That's all for today!
Tags: manectric, wanted
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