Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Clear Out Sales - Eeveelution Zukans and Skymin Merch

Hi guys its been awhile. No computer access sucks, but its finally been fixed for the most part ;3 My camera is still MIA though, I think one of my family members forgot to replace it when they were finished..ANYWHO..

Im selling off parts of my collection for more room, and money. Books/tuition really set me back more than I knew. I have eeveelution zukans I may be willing to part with...


Paypal only please
No trades right now
Please allow 3-4 days for paypal fees to transfer to bank account before I can ship.
Haggling is welcome I really want these gone, but dont try to rip me off I know a reasonable offer from a rip off.
Questions? Please ask!!


Skymin Friends plush 10 dollars

(yours is Mint in box, mine is for photo)

Skymin Keychain 5 dollars

(it moves when you roll the poke ball- again yours is MIB mine is shown for photo)


Rayquaza sales:

Banpresto Plush (LARGE over a foot when uncoiled). 15

It's strings to hold it curled have been cut but still curls just fine (and easy to fix if you wanted it sewed back)

7/11 bottle cap Figure - 8 dollars

V Chip figure w/out V Chip - 5 dollars

Shiny Kid (real shiny kid, not custom painted) 30 dollars

Regular Kid - 10 dollars


Eeveelution Zukans.

Heres the deal..I really adore these honestly but money is in a pinch right now.


I will take offers on these based on what I have seen them sell for recently on the community.

For the original set, Im looking for around 60.

For the Diamond and Pearl set Im looking for around 25. SOLD

All sets are mint and very well kept.

Thanks for looking.

Tags: eevee, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, rayquaza, sales, skymin, vaporeon, zukan
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