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Bye Politoed grabby ;A; + Future sales/trades

Hello, I'm here today to say that if you're buying pokemon stuff from mlaszz on eBay BE CAREFUL! I know he's selling THIS LOT right now:

And well, I'm pretty upset because he's selling a Politoed grabby that I HAVE BOUGHT FROM HIM AND HE DOESN'T WANT TO SEND IT :D
ss (2014-02-18 at 09.27.07)
To read the full story you can read it under the cut but the short story can finish with his last message :D
ss (2014-02-18 at 09.28.13)

Well... The full story...
I was looking things on eBay and I found this lot and I saw the POLITOED GRABBY (big want/grail) but I couldn't pay 50$ for the full lot (because I only was interested on Politoed) and the shipping to Spain was 30-40$ or so (I HATE that eBay shipping...) so I ask him if I could buy only Politoed...
Well, he told me that he has packead the lot (rofl) and he couldn't do it, also the other figuras were also rare (¡!). I offered him 25$ for Politoed and I said it was a half of the price and since the other figures were also rare, it was a great offer! He told me that he'd prefer to finish the lot (it was a BIN lot, only a day left) because he had other followers (two of them and one was me) so maybe they'd buy it. I ask him that if the lot wasn't bought, he'd think on my offer...
Well, the lot wasn't bought so he returned to me asking me 30$ (ROFL) I laughed because the lot hasn't been sold and THERE WERE OTHER RARE FIGURES (or has he lied to me?) and since I showed him that I knew of Pokemon, he said YES ('you must be on pkmncollectors'). I asked him the shipping price and he told me 6$... well, then the problems started...
He put the Politoed and I bought it BUT he was unable to change the shipping price and he was asking me more than 30$ I told him HOW TO CHANGE IT BUT... he had already put the lot you can see at the top...
Well, he DIDN'T TELL ME ANYTHING! He only sent me the offer to cancel the order and I said no. We made a deal and I really want the Politoed grabby...
He CHANGED the shipping price to 6$ and I paid on that moment... to see the next day that HE HAS REFUND ME. He said that eBay was asking the full shipping price and he wasn't going to send me anything. He didn't care about negative feedback or anything AND he sent me the message you can read at the top of all of this.
SO F*** HIM!!!!!!!!!

The FUNNIEST of everything is that he was selling THIS LOT with Politoed grabby and he had a bid war on yahoo!Auctions... WITH ME!!!! I TRIED TO BUY THAT LOT AND HE WON ME AND NOW HE'S UNABLE TO SELL THE FULL LOT AND I'M WITHOUT MY POLITOED GRABBY ;______________;  Really I want to cry...

If anybody buy the lot or has a Politoed grabby to sell to me... I'd appreciate it ;_; I have lost twice for THIS PERSON and I'm pretty sad for that... ;_;

And I've received MORE KIDS and the Megablocks if someone wants something, just let me know and I can sell them to you ^^ (click on the photo to see them on a bigger size). I'm open for TRADES for anything of my WANTS POST so please, take a look! ^^ I'll post them on my sales post this week and I'll do an auction with a Wartortle shiny kid and eeveelutions megablocks but the trades are my priority ;)
DSC_0580 (2)DSC_0581 (1)

As usual, sales plug HERE
And auctions over HERE!

Thanks for everything :')

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