vepsmin (vepsmin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re-introduction and collection weeding offers

Hi from Finland, Vepsmin here!

I've been in this comm quite a while, but haven't been around too much lately and I thught it was a high time to make a re-intro as people seem to do those sometimes =)
I joined .. summer 2010 I quess and I collect Eeveelutions, Firefoxes and Pikachu. And anything else that attracts my vision. The start here was a bit messy cuz I had absolutely no idea of LJ's many uses, but I managed and got used to things as everyone has seemed to do so far. Anywho
let me show some pictures of my collection today.. loads of cute Eevees and Pikachus ahead~

Pikachus galore!

... I think I'm running out of shelf space in nearby future.. And the order on plush shelf is completely messed up..

Yay! Bedbuddies! Adorable aren't they? Thumper got also pictured... This 1/1 Wee watches over my radio.. and the beadsprite wee is avery nice wall decoration indeed

Who's under my summer hat?

Why, it's the TOMY Eevee~ She works as hatstand so she isn't showing too much.. Maybe she'll be showing more in the summer, when I wear the hat =)
It seems that I'm totally out of clever words but.. thanks for paying a look at my collection. Hope to be around more in the future!

Also, as the title says, I'm also doing a collection weeding offers. Do take a look at those too.


Offers here!
Tags: eevee, glaceon, leafeon, offers, pikachu, sales, shaymin
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