zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Did These Card Boxes Reach North America?

Well, as many card collectors/players know, North America's been skimped A LOT lately when it comes to TCG for some reason :/ Anyways, I'm pretty excited about the new Xerneas and Yveltal sets that came out yesterday, officially. I see that the box sets with the figures are in North America, as well as the 3 pack blisters with the pins (which I've also enjoyed^^) But has anyone in North America seen the boxsets with the jumbo cards in it? I fear that I have to import these >_> Only EU listings have showed up so far when looking online, which is not good :/ The only thing I can find is Bulbapedia saying "The Yveltal Jumbo Collection will presumably not be available in North America, with the Yveltal Figure Collection taking its place." >_>

So, has anyone seen these? And if not, would it be a good idea to import now, or assume that the jumbo cards will reach here but in a different boxset? I remember the Victini jumbo card has a similar situation. Actually, did North America even get that jumbo Victini card, or just the one for the movie viewing (which was different).

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