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Selling/Trading TCG in bulk & new shiny want! :)

So I just received some tins in the mail and I have extra cards that I'm trying to get rid of! They're all BW series cards. Ask about a specific Pokemon and I can check to see what I have! More info and sales rules under the cut!

  • Sales permission granted by dewott on May 17th, 2013.

  • I ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE US. Shipping starts at about $2.00 for most items. (most cards will have free shipping unless otherwise mentioned)

  • I ship usually the next day after I receive payment, and at the latest within the week of payment.

  • I ship from Virginia, USA.

  • Displayed prices don't include PP fees or shipping!

  • I only use/accept Paypal. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT AS A GIFT.

  • I will hold an item for 24 hours, then it goes onto the next person.

  • Here's my community feedback!

  • I'm willing to trade any of these items for plush wants or TCG wants!

  • Please let me know when your items have arrived so I can leave feedback!

  • I try to reuse shipping materials if I can, so shipping prices can be kept down. (or non-existent!)

  • Feel free to ask questions/ask for pictures of items.

  • I will only spilt up lots if there is interest in ALL cards between users!

  • Minimum card purchase - $2.00

Post a comment with whatever Pokemon/types/sets you're interested in, and I'll look through my cards and let you know! (I'm 99% sure all the cards are from Next Destinies to Legendary Treasures, excluding Dragon Vault)

I'm willing to trade or sell these cards, preferably in lots (at least 4-5 cards) just to get rid of them. ^^;

Also I have a shiny new want.... The Lego Movie Promo Holo Pikachu! It's basically the Pikachu from XY set... but holo. And it's beautiful. If anyone has this for sale/trade, or has an extra let me know! I don't care if it's sealed or not, it just needs to be in mint condition.

Also here is a link to my normal sales (which has even more cards haha) and my TCG blog/Youtube!
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