Will you wish upon, will you walk upon me? (sodapopninja) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Will you wish upon, will you walk upon me?

February MPC Group Buy

The lot has been purchased! Stay tuned for updates, Ebay predicts I'll recieve these between March 4 and 11

Hi! I'm running a group buy for the most recent set of MPC. I will be taking the Pumpkaboo. I can only purchase the lot if all the items are claimed, though! Each plush is $13.97 including fees and the shipping from the seller to me, and I will calculate exact postage/fees to you once the items are in hand. Sales permission was granted to me by lineaalba a couple years ago. I know I don't post much and may be unfamiliar to you!

Pumpkaboo: Me!
Meowth: crasherwake
Litleo: crasherwake

In the event that the lot should sell before I can purchase it, I will attempt to find another lot if participants are okay with any change in price. I will make another post and/or message each user once the items are in hand to collect the total payment.
Tags: group buy
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