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Awesome gets + searching shinies

These items arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to update my collection site and sales (just the sold items, not really adding anything) before I link them anywhere. ^^ I didn't believe that getting items that just came out would be this hard, even if they made only 1000, but this trio was closing the grail status already, so I'm still super excited to finally have them.

The shiny Unova Starters are miiiiine!

Story behind these isn't that interesting, really, but I want to share it anyway. These were sent to the 1000 lottery winners around September 2012 and I hoped to see them in Y!J soon after, since I thought there would be many winners, who would keep one or two and sell the rest. I planned to let a couple go by to see, how high the price would be and thought, that the first ones would be most expensive anyway.
I saw the first set in late October, which was a lot later than I thought I would. I informed lulupin about it, since I knew she was at least as determined to get them as I was. We both tried our best in the bid war, but didn't get them. Or the next one in December. I think I checked Y!J daily from fall 2012 to summer 2013 and saw only 3 sets. The last one started from 100 000 yen, and it was still bough! O_O At this point, I really started to lose hope to ever be able to get them.

I didn't have a lot of money in fall 2013, so I tried to keep myself away from Y!J and this community. But I ended up visiting in November 2013 and happened to see baconscreation's sales post. And there, above all else, was this set... I'm so glad they accepted my payment plan and after 2 months, I'm finally holding these plushes in my hands! <3

Only a week after their arrival, I got another differently colored plush, this time from faiarrow's pokedoll auctions.

This wasn't just as high priority and I've seen them quite often (at least comparing to the Unova line), but I'm still super excited for getting it. For one, I've had shiny Suicune over one and a half year already, so it's nice to see it with another shiny beast.

And for two... this means that I only need shiny Raikou to complete my shiny plush collection! (And some Genesect, but I'm not buying them. There's just too many.) Even though it's not complete quite yet, have a little group shot~!

They are so beautiful~!

I also grabbed some great Umbreon items I've been after for a while from allinia's awesome Eeveelution auctions

Gold Chou Get, Tomy keychain, swing charm and rubber strap <3
I'm not sure, but is there still one more Umbreon Chou Get? I think I've seen white/pearl colored Chou Gets as well, but I couldn't find any pictures of them from google, so maybe I'm just imagining things... Anyway, my Umbreon collection is also nearing the finish line, since I think there's only like 5-10 items (+unknown amount of flats) I still really need. So yay!

I'll make a full collection update whenever I finally find the Raikou or in June, when I have my 2 year anniversary. But that's not today.

Also, I would like to update my want list and need a bit help from my fellow collectors! I've listed all official shiny items (aside from cards, since those are easy to check from Bulbapedia) I could find info and picture of and don't have yet under the cut. If you know any others, I would love to hear about them. If you have a picture, even better! I didn't list red Genesect items, since I don't think I'll buy more of those, but if you collect him and want to recommend something, I'm still very interested to hear and see, how many items they released of him. A group shot of everything would be awesome.

Just for a note, I'm not really ready to buy any of these, since they are usually quite expensive. I'm mostly trying to clarify, what I should find at some point. ^^

What I have already:
plushes, other items

And there should still be: (I don't remember where I got most of the pictures. If yours is there and you want it removed/credited, please tell me)

Shiny Raikou (picture by Gin from Sunyshore)

Shiny Tomy

Shiny Tomy MC

Shiny Hasbro

Shiny Battrio

Shiny Charm/pin (pin picture by noctowl)

Shiny Art

Does someone know, where was this Pichu art used? Is it a calendar page? a clearfile? Or maybe something else?

And for last I'll add 2 links, if anyone is interested~

I'm always glad to add more collection sites to my links page. ^^

Permanent sales post (I really should make a banner...)
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