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IDK my BFF Jill?


I fail at being a member because I've noticed that I have never made a collection post (well.. I think I made one a long time ago, but w/e), just sale posts. 8D;;

These are my three of my main collections. My other main is Pikachu/Raichu but they are situated high on my book shelves and I don't feel like bringing them all down and putting them all up again. >:0 One day I will have an epic collection post with alllll of my collections, but for now I will just post these three.

Mareep is my main, main collection, and from what I can tell, is nearly complete. :D
Abraham (UFO catcher on the far left) is the head ram of the flock, and my favorite item. <3

Not pictured: A ton of flat items.
Wanted: ZUKAN WHEN IT COMES OUT FKJFKF, Mareep bound ball and the two plush I am missing (buruburu and blanket sleepy time 8D).

The thing that sucks about being an Ekans/Arbok is that all of their merchandise looks FUCKING THE SAME. Then again, there's not much you can do with a limbless creature, I guess.
Hasbro beanie is my favorite. <3 I got him for a steal on eBay. $2! I haven't seen him for less than $15 since. The.. BK plush on the other hand.. I have them simply because they are Ekans and Arbok but I store them rather then display them. They're.. well. They're ugly.

Not pictured: Ekans/Arbok zukan, Arbok full color stadium (I think) figure. They're on their way~ also flat items
Wanted: Ekans Applause plush and the Ekans rollerball figure.

fffffff the figure picture is shit, I know. I am tired.
Anywho, this is pretty small considering how much Totomerch there is. My favorite of the line is actually Feraligatr, so I focus more on him and Croconaw than I do Totodile. I also do not collect plush because Totodile does not translate into plush well for whatever reason, although I would love to get my hands on Croconaw and BIG Pokemon Center Totodile. I do have a few plush though. Ignore the dog fur on Sleepydile's foot. 8D ahaha he sits on my bed where my dog sleeps.

Not pictured: Banpresto Totodile beanie from pheonixxfoxx because he is at my mom's, Croconaw bell keychain and flat items.
Wanted: FERALIGATR ATTACK KID FFFFFF, Hasbro talking Feraligatr figure, Croconaw plush and giant Pokemon Center Totodile.
Tags: arbok, collection, croconaw, ekans, feraligatr, mareep, totodile
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