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Wants for new Froakie collection! +extra

Hello everyone, I still love Fennekin but I completely fell in love with Froakie and all of its evolutions! I still like Fennekin but not too fond of Delphox sadly. But completely love the ninja frog!
I love ninjas and flipped out when I saw Greninja ^_^ Hooray for the second ninja like pokemon (Accelgor is cool too)!
I just started collecting Froakie's line and was wondering i anyone was selling stuff from his line. I will take anything like figures, plushes, flats, cards, etc.
Looking to buy if anyone has Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja items!

Top Froakie wants but I'm open to all Froakie items:
Click for pictures :)
Froakie 1Froakie 2Froakie 3Froakie 4
Top Frogadier wants:
Frogadier 1Frogadier 2Frogadier 3

Top Greninja want
Greninja 1
Also been looking at some Tomy figures on eBay but would be more willing to buy from here
These main Tomy figure wants, hoping to buy them here:
Need 1Need 2Need 4Need 5Need 6Need 7
Need 9Need 10Need 11Need 12Need 13Need 14
Give me a holler/comment if you have anything for sale :)
Froakie is awesome, hope there will be more Froakie line stuff made
Tags: gen6, tomy, wanted
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