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nintendo world trip & reduced price sales plug! warning, lots of pictures below the cut!

2014-02-09 12.02.45
Who's That Pokemon?!

PS: I took pictures of almost everything in Nintendo World, so if anyone is curious about current stock (well, this was last week..), click that cut!

Since day 1 of Pokemon collecting, Entei has been near and dear to my heart! Long story short, I ended up purchasing three Entei Pokedolls by accident and decided to use one as a travel buddy. So now wherever I go, he goes too! On another note, I recently got a fairly loved Latios from a GA that is going to be my new travel buddy, so now I've got a whole team with me wherever I go, haha. Here's Entei in his very own seat.. We were so lucky that the seat in between my dad and I ended up being empty! I don't like sitting next to strangers, hahaha..

Literally within hours of getting to New York, I dragged my mom through the freezing cold down to Nintendo World. It's super chic inside! Right now, they're having this really neat Pokemon through the ages display from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon XY! I didn't get pictures of all the displays, unfortunately, but it was really neat seeing how everything has changed! They had some old Pokedolls and figures in there that I wish were for sale, haha!

Giant XY Legendaries plush! They were super soft!

Here are pictures of almost everything Pokemon in the store! There were also a bunch of TCG packs and 1:1 Emolgas and Minccinos that I forgot to photograph. The XY plushes are really well made and the minky is super soft! Too bad I don't have any attachment to these.. The 1:1 starters were ENORMOUS and super heavy, so I opted out of buying a set, haha! They've still got a buuunch of Black/White plushes in stock! Also, check out how cute those Kyurems are! I almost got some Tomys, but I'm more of a plush collector.

Here's me with my single purchase of the trip! A 1:1 Emolga.. I've wanted you for so long!! There was also a super cute Pikachu statue that I had to take a picture with.

We also made a stop by the Toys R Us in Times Square! Look at this hilarious row of Froakies.. Can you find the one that doesn't belong? I was so sad though, I wanted a Fennekin!

They did have some really cute large plush and some of those boxed figures too! Unfortunately, no Sylveons..

Unfortunately, my trip was very short and now I'm back in sunny, sunny California (no complaints about the weather here!). But it's okay, because I returned home to lots and lots of new gets! The other day, I got my Sylveon charms and they're so cute!! I got two, hoping to use one, but they're so cute.. I don't know if I can do it..

My Eeveelution collection is also growing! Which is really terrible, because I told myself I wouldn't collect Eeveelutions because if I buy one, something inside of me tells me I need the whole set. Does anybody else feel like that too? I'm not particularly attached to all the Eeveelutions, which is problematic.. My favourites are Sylveon (obviously), Umbreon, Vaporeon and Flareon! I also have a weakness for Eevee!

Also, come check out my sales! I just updated with some new figures and lowered some prices! I've also got those zillions of stickers that I'm hoping to sell. Again, stickers are buy 4, get the 5th (at equal or lesser value) for free!

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