Snowshoe (snowshoe11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Cards and and other things for sale

I got a Pack of cards today just to get the Luxray wrapper I have no desire to do anything with the cards as im not a big fan of the cards.I will probably end up throwing them all over the Floor if no one buys them so I figured I would try to see if anyone wants them first XD

I got both a reverse holo Skitty and a normal Skitty if anyone wants them just make a offer Im not sure how much the reverse holo Skitty goes for since I couldnt find one on ebay.

Ebay feedback
Feedback here
US and Paypal only please and tell me if your using a E-check

Again I  know nothing about cards so just make a offer- Heatran and Gloom are sold!

Giratina Pez-
$9 shipped  to anywhere in the US

Shaymin Notebook and eraser-
$9 total to anywhere in the US
Tags: cards, giratina, sales, shaymin
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