Koko (cosmicxlove) wrote in pkmncollectors,

want and a question~

hullo lovelies~

I have a quick want- a tagless pokecen minccino to us 93455! (its for my lil niece, who has become rather entranced by the cute fuzzy wuzzy. she plays with my ufo one, but she needs her own, that she can cart about. yiss.)   <----- FOUND.

and I have a question about size.

I keep a walky totodile on my laptop case. how do the petit plush compare to the small walkies? I'm thinking on getting chocodile a companion to hang with, but another walky is kind of out of my price range. would maybe the type-focus plush from last year work a bit better? o.o

(also, still looking for a used copy of heartgold! will even take soulsilver, at this point! no case or pokewalker needed, to cut down on cost and shipping. ebay charges an arm and leg, and local gamestop sucks.)<-------- POTENTIALLY FOUND. 
Tags: games, minccino, wanted
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