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More auctions and reminder!

First of all, THANK YOU! Thanks to all the community for helping me with my ebay problem <3 You're awesome ;u; I got my money back already!
Secondly I came with a reminer of auctions, Wartortle shiny kid and Eeveelutions megablocks auctions and kids and megablocks sales! ^^
Thirdly, I GOT A SPINDA POKEDOLL! <3 I made a trade on Deviant and I'm in love ;u;


  • Allpkmncollectors rules apply.

  • I received sales permission from dewott May 17th of 2013.

  • You can find my feedback: HERE

  • I ship from Spain (you can watch info about it under the rules)

  • I am not responsible for items lost in the post, if this concerns you please pay for tracking/insurance, thanks.

  • Items will be held for 24 hours if you ask for it, may be held further if you are 100% committed. Payment must be sent within 24 hours or negative feedback will be left.

  • Don't edit your comments, if you need to add something, please, reply to your own comment.

  • Prices may be negotiable, just ask!

  • I am open to trades. You can find my wants HERE

  • Paypal only, please send payments as "goods" and include what you bought in the note along with your username.

  • I will only sell to PKMNcollectors members and to no one who is banned.

  • If you're concearned about the condition of a item, just ask for photos

  • The auction will end the 1st March at 22 UK time. You can see the timer HERE


There is only a day left to bid on Dittochu FCS, Snivy Ichiban Kuji and some lots with tons of figures and flats and there aren't bids so don't lose your chance! ^^You can click on the photo or HERE to see the auctions


You can do BIN anytime!


Eevee starts at 8$ BIN 20$
Umbreon starts at 8$ BIN 25$
Espeon starts at 8$ BIN 25$

 photo DSC_0494.jpg photo DSC_0497.jpg photo DSC_0498.jpg

Shiny Wartortle kid starts at 12$ BIN 25$ BIN
 photo DSC_0499.jpg
 photo DSC_0500.jpg

You can see more items under the cut!


 photo DSC_0493.jpg

Ditto and Vileplume ON HOLD

Nidoran female, Omanyte, Poliwhirl, Exeggutor, Cubone, Diglett 2$ each
The megablocks with colours (Red, Black, Brown, Gree) FREE with purchase

SOLD: Bulbasaur and Venusaur

 photo DSC_0482.jpg
Reshiram and Arceus DX kid 4$ each
Milotic 3$
Feebas 2$
Regice shimmery 3$
Leafeon attack and Espeon kid 5$ each

SOLD: Leafeon attack, Espeon,

All the others are 2$ each!
 photo DSC_0486.jpg

Bronzor, Bronzong, Murkrow (x2), Yamask, Drifloon.
Mime Jr. Gothita, Shuppet, Gardevoir, Meditite, Scraggy, Hitmonlee

SOLD: Drifloon
 photo DSC_0485.jpg

Dialga, Regirock attack, Cobalion, Virizion, Reshiram.
Mew, Manaphy (x2), Shaymin, Victini, Meloetta.

SOLD: Mew, Meloetta

 photo DSC_0483.jpg

Wartortle, Prinplup, Dewott, Samurott, Blaziken, Chimchar, Chimchar attack, Tepig attack.
Ivysaur, Venusaur, Chikorita, Bayleef, Treecko, Sceptile, Grotle, Torterra, Serperior.

SOLD: Venusaur
Tepig Attack on hold
 photo DSC_0491.jpg
Aipom (x2), Persian, Lopunny, Fearow.
Wigglytuff, Watchog, Mandibuzz, Bouffalant, Skitty, Lillipup.

SOLD: Skitty, Lopunny
 photo DSC_0490.jpg

Magcargo, Magby, Thundurus, Electivere, Nidoqueen.
Gulpin, Muk, Croagunk, Arbok.
Ponyta, Blitzle, Pichu, Gligar.

SOLD: Blitzle, Ponyta
 photo DSC_0489.jpg

Poliwrath, Shellos, Tentacruel, Golduck, sudowoodo, Bonsly, Rhyperior.
Kabuto, Glalie, Snover, Cubchoo, Krabby, Axew, Dratini.
Mantine, Remoraid, Barboach, Starmie, Diglett, Stunfisk
 photo DSC_0487.jpg

Maractus, Maskerain, Tangrowth, Beedrill, Venomoth, Mothim.
Silcoon, Deerling, Kakuna, Combee, Foongus.
Petilil, Bellossom, Sunkern, Ledian, Yanma.

SOLD: Maractus
 photo DSC_0481.jpg

Meowth bean plush, free with a purchase.
He's old an dirty :( He arrived on a lot with Spoink hasbro and Poochyena hasbro... So give him a good home, please <3

Thanks for reading! ^^
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